half 8,just turned dark

Kyrus:isnt it too late for wasps to be out?

somethings burning in the distance;

Kyrus:whats that?
jack:thats a cat burning ky
Kyrus:ah right

next day,another fire is burning:

Kyrus:look jack,another cat is on fire!

Kyrus:i hate stepping on slugs especailly the one with shells on.

at night;

Kyrus: Walk behind me cus then you won't step into any dog shit
Robyn: ah right, cus you'll see it first?
Kyrus:What you on about? you'll see it first
Robyn: o.o

Kyrus:what up with this alphabet thing?

Kyrus:whats the differece between boiled and fried rice?
by yourmam. September 26, 2009
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