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most intelligent, beautiful, sexiest,nice, vary nice person youll ever meat youll be lucky just to know one, youll know youll love one as soon as you meet her you will fall in love, i love one! and always will love on.
varyyy sexy kylea
by michael marcel kimball March 13, 2012
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The most perfect, amazing, smart, witty, fun, compassionate, loving person you will ever meet. When you meet her you will immediately will love her. She is honest, good, and sees the best in people. Kylea is the best friend/girlfriend you could have. She is also the most beautiful girl you’ll ever see in your life, with, those blue eyes, hair, and smile it will brighten your week to look at her and see her smile. Kylea will have the biggest group of friends and they will all say that she’s the mom of the group. She is also amazing with kids and babies, or just people in general.
That girl is such a Kylea
by Akshsjjaam April 20, 2018
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An alternant spelling of the girl's name Kylie, Kylee, or Kyleigh and is pronounced KY-lee.
Possibly (English) "boomerang" or (Irish, Gaelic) "graceful"
Feminine form of Kyle.
Pop singer Kylie Minogue.
I tried to call Kylea, but her phone went straight to voice mail.
by awesomerthanmost March 29, 2009
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A problematic bitch that thinks she is all that when in reality she is a terrible human being who ends up creating problems for not reason other than her own amusement
Kylea:Did you hear about what Elizabeth and Scott did?

Nicole: no I didn't, what happened?

Kylea: Scott knocked Elizabeth up!
by Sillysongswithlarry March 19, 2018
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