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Kyleighs are the dopest kind of people. Usually tall and cute af, they make the most loyal friends and are super fun to hang out with because they are always down for anything. Kyleighs are hella chill, and basically everyone is cool with you if your name is Kyleigh. They are also super talented musically, but always on the low, since they don't like to brag. Though anything but basic, Kyleighs do love their Starbucks and Target runs. If your name is Kyleigh, you're probably funny, equally down to watch both Disney and horror movies, and always down for a quiet Friday night spent playing the Sims.
Bruh, if you threw a couple more ice cubes in that drink, it'd be as chill as Kyleigh.
by Chewpicabra_hunter June 09, 2017
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Kyleigh she's the star of the day, if u get to see her u are a very lucky person, she is the most beautiful attractive girl on the face of the planet, she has the humor talent and generosity, every time I think of kyleigh it makes me smile, if only I could be with her (going out) I would be the luckiest man on earth. She is athletic king and loving, the perfect person to be with.

Kyleigh I love u
Kyleigh is the best
by The geek March 01, 2015
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She’s a Mystical girl, outgoing, and very friendly! Her beautiful smile makes others around her happy.
She must me a kyleigh
by The rebel October 08, 2016
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Also Kylie, she is one of the best people you will ever meet. Don't get on her badside though, as she can turn every single one of her friends and even some of yours against you. She can be drama free, or just the opposite. Kyleigh is well known typically, but not always very popular. Kyleigh has many friends, and has a great sense of humour. Kyleigh can be your bestfriend, or your worst enemy. Its all up to you!
Guy one:That, is Kyleigh right there.
Guy two: Yah... I can tell...
via giphy
by SaladPie November 29, 2016
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Extremely gorgeous; stands out in a crowd; always has a boyfriend; the most low key freak you will ever meet and is down for just about anything; honest; sometimes shy; not your basic white girl, but can't stay out of target or Starbucks; loving & kind; successful and smart; there when you need her; youll regret losing her
Kyleigh is so pretty
by 727505015 July 21, 2017
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a cutie even though she wouldn’t admit it, sometimes she says stupid stuff but its okay because i forgive her. very lovable with a super cute smile and laugh. also gives very good hugs 10/10.
kyleigh is the best!
by kimmycomplimentskyleigh November 09, 2019
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