kute is what you would use when you want to use a hard c sound when you say cute
That girl has a kute shirt
by kute October 11, 2007
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Kute:Some Thing That Is Cool Or Interesting Or Something That Cathches Your Eye
Your Shoes Are Kute.
Your Kute.
Your Hat Is Kute.
Datsz Kute.
by Zippy12134 April 02, 2008
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Referencing an expression or action with a negative sarcastic.
To detract from an expression or action performed by another through mockery and false praise.
1 - "Remember when Johnny tried to do a back flip off the roof and busted his ass?" "Yeah that was kute."

2 - "Hey I met Tony Hawk and he thinks I'm the best skater ever" "That's kute douche."
by Michael D. Birnberg November 28, 2007
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the sarcastic version of ‘cute’.

used when you want to be nice but can’t resist being a sarcastic bitch.
“your new cat is k-ute. it’s not gag worthy at all”

“gee what a k-ute baby”

“that’s not cute, it’s k-ute”

“that lil sneaky is a bit k-ute”
by lil sneaky May 11, 2018
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