Common southern Indian word for "ass" or "tightass"
check out the kundi on that chick, yo don't be a kundi man
by Give_to_Paul May 10, 2010
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Means buttox in the TAMIL language.
shake ur kundi girl, go up go down go bam bam bam
by K1Unit December 5, 2004
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Ass Hole in lots of indian languages, also can be used like an adjective (the way fuck is used).
Bush is a Kundi fellow. this food tastes kundi. that idea is the kundiest. you have a big kundi.
by Kundi-bugger September 6, 2003
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Wow that guy just kid your kundi!
by ntt January 9, 2003
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A bunch of wannabe stealth masters, who think they're real big shit and can go around in the depths of night to screw up all the buildings on a college campus. I'm talking specifically about UConn. I don't know if this cult exists anywhere else, but it's basically a bunch of shitheads that manage to break into school buildings at night and write kundi all over the boards. Apparently there's much more to it than the board-wirting, but they like to play with our heads and I think they need to get some lives.

One of these days, they'll be busted!
Boy1: Hey what did you do on friday night?
Boy2: oh... just ... something
Boy1: Get laid?
Boy2: better. *evil laugh* ZEHEhEHEHEHE!
Boy1: hm...I think this problem is worse than I thought... *goes to write definition of kundi on urbandictionary*
Boy2 AKA Kundi: umm... why is there an "AKA Kundi" after my nickname on this dialogue? You're so quick to judge.
by ihatekundis September 24, 2010
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a slang finnish word for a guy or aboy. accords to youngsters between 12-35. if person is much older, the kundi is most likely some single and popular farmer with own village and splendid dancing skills (for instans polke).
That kundi (guy) is delecious!
by oosa January 3, 2004
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