A: Who is that manly guy?
B:His name is Jotaro Kujo.
by Arfin Requiem June 9, 2021
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black air force energy anime character and he’ll ora ora the fucking fuck out of you if you make him into a bridge 😳
the most fucking badass dude you’ll ever meet honestly, he’s never scared and hella strong he’ll punch the shit out of you with his stand until your anus gets launched out of your fucking throat
bad guy: WHERE IS JOTARO? he’s not here right?
other bad guy: no I think it’s safe, C’MON C’MON
bad guy: Alright well there better not be any other badass guys like Jotaro Kujo
Star Platinum: ORA!
by kitkatkatze November 30, 2021
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god help us all
kakyoin laid an egg.
luke, go fuck yourself. jouta kujo is the reason for global warming.
by cowaldo November 9, 2021
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A goat who likes sorabji and classical music, has a YouTube channel where he posts his own music and other stuff.
He isn't a furry despite his avatar being a goat, because "I'M NOT A FURRY!! I JUST LIKE HE CHARACTER ASRIEL FROM UNDERTALE!" (quote from Asriel Kujo, 2021)
Schro: Hey have you heard that new piece Asriel Kujo wrote?

Natalie: Nahhh, it's total garbage anyways
Guillom: ñ
by a sorabji stan March 2, 2022
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A guy that can literally beat 120-year-old vampire but cannot be a rat for some reason
How can you stop time a lose to a fucking rat Jotaro kujo
by Kill me in my sleep October 17, 2020
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an awooga man, a grool starter, makes me bark and screams and go crazy.
he is just so awooga and if you disagree ur canceld >:((((((((
Kujo Jotaro (6) is such a dilf.
by FelixthatFucker February 26, 2022
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A man who loses a drag race to a 17 year old a 2007 mustang GT
man did you see Kujo race?
by ThickTator January 22, 2022
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