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Synonymous with care, realistic and strength. Can be conditionally used for condition of being confused about emotions and feelings.
A kuhu never really knew how much somebody did and can love her.
by desperado_s November 30, 2014
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Kuhu's are generally very bubbly & cute.
She'll be extremely caring , loving and emotional in nature.
They are kinda clingy & know when a person is lying.

Generally a gut feeling person which is accurate most of the time.
She chooses which emotion to display on her face and to others.
Usually a mixture of introverts & extroverts.
Moody asf.

A mixture of a classy lady and a teenager.
Can be sweet one min and a bitch the other.
She steals hearts with friendly smiles & her humor.
A kuhu is Ambitious too !

She's a perfect combination of sugar , spice & everything nice.
She's sweet , simple , sophisticated & sexy.
They'll either have a heavy top or a very flat top.

Initially Shy in bed but when she's comfortable , she's a wild animal that you'll find hard to control. πŸ˜‰
Girl 1 : Oh my gawd did you see that cute girl , I totally have a crush on her ?

Girl 2 : yeah she's so kuhu ❀️
by Yoyopeaceout September 12, 2017
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