1. Dancing like a fucking retard while having a live electric cable shoved up your ass.
2. A bizarre and painful form of dancing where a mental patient shakes his/her body violently after being lobotomized.
"That muthafucka be doing some mad crazy krumping while he out there holding that wire hanger in the middle of that heavy electrical storm."
by Hammerstrike June 29, 2005
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Krumping is a term that is used in place of seizure in order to not hurt peoples feelings and keep medical condition a secret. When someone is having a seizure the can just say "I was Krumping" and no one will be any the wiser or make fun of them.
Is Tyrese having a seizure? Yes, but he calls it krumping so that no one makes fun of him or finds out he has seizures.
by saharadryhumor March 16, 2015
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Rapidly shaking your booty while dressed like a clown.
The dancers in the video Hey Mama are krumping so hard they look like their asses might fly off.
by Yipching June 20, 2004
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Like Stripper Dancing and Clown dancing, but more tribal, more intense movements, spirtual, more gritty.
We stay Krumping in the hood, fuck hollywood
by s1parkle November 01, 2005
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A particular style of hip-hop dance. It originated in the African-American community in California. It's free, expressive and highly energetic. A positive way to release your anger. Exaggerated use of the arms, chest, feet, head and legs are used to perform different techniques such as the robot, tutting waving and popping. It's an artistic way to express your feelings. It looks aggressive, spiritual, hypnotizing and quite emotional. It takes serious skill to be able to master the art of Krumping. It's an artful battle zone where a group of Krumpers form a circle whereby each person is given a chance to freestyle in the middle. A great alternative to violence where you get to sweat out your anger.
Kim Jong-un: "So Trump wants to Krump me. I'll show him a thing or to!, little does he know that back in the day I was the best at Krumping. I may look like a cupcake but not long ago I popped Putins tri-coloured ass back to Moscow. Apparently Trumps been on a diet and his hired a bloody crip to teach him how to Krump, can't wait to show him what I have in stall for him".
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by *nigganeese* January 28, 2018
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