8 definitions by Gummy34

The sexuallize something so hard it brcomes uncomfortable
Dude, why the hell are you pornizeing the looney tunes?
by Gummy34 November 22, 2022
A term used by the orks in warhammer 40k to refer to killing an opponent
by Gummy34 April 27, 2021
Someone/ something that pretends to have liberal ideologies but instead has authoritarian ideologies
That julian castro guy is definitely psuedoliberal
by Gummy34 December 19, 2020
A dogwhistsle for online pedos who put their kinks into sfw spaces full of kids
"these puriteens won't let me put my obviousky nsfw vore kink into spatoon, i am being scilenced"
by Gummy34 September 21, 2022
"Have you heard of thst prince coda leviathan person, their pretty cringe"
by Gummy34 July 13, 2021
The fear of people wearing fursuits
P1: "have you been to a furry convention before"
P2: "hell no, i have severe zooandrophobia; i'd have a panic attack if i even saw a fursuiter!"
by Gummy34 August 5, 2022
the slow replacement of books that give a statement on the harsh reality of the world (i.e. Maus) in favor of more "acceptable" books that give a gross misrepresentation of the issue (i.e. the boy in the striped pajamas)
schools are becoming more and more affected by pajamafication
by Gummy34 February 9, 2023