the act by which a woman intentionally shortens her menstrual cycle by queefing the uterine juice
Lisa was nervous that she wouldn't be off of her period before prom night so she krugmaned the day before

"it stinks in here! Lisa, did you krugman again?"

"Lisa kruged in the bathroom and it's all
over the wall."
by CF Bastiat February 13, 2010
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The act of appearing economically knowledgeable while offering solutions that only increase the problems being addressed.
That bank bailout sure Krugmaned the economy! Now we're screwed for sure.
by (8?» February 2, 2010
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Literally the most idiotic economist ever, who did a halfway decent paper 1000 years ago and then became a literal communist with corrupt financial ties to the Federal Reserve
Paul Krugman isn't even a real economist
by Laissez_Faire January 25, 2019
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Princeton Economic Prof who also happens to be the most popular columnist for the New York Times. Krugman is a recipient of the Clark medal, which is the awarded to the most outstanding economist in the US under age 40. Once considered to be a possible future Nobel Prize recipient for previous works done on international monetary policies, Krugman instead became one of the leading voices in the " liberal media " against GWBush at a time when the press was too afraid to criticize the government.
Very few people on the right can make successful arguments against Paul Krugman.
by ladder August 16, 2005
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