The king of synonyms to cool, krall is used to designate something that is so awesome, tight, or sick, that no other words do it justice.

Thus, to say something is krall is to say that it has achieved such a level of euphoric coolness that it simply transcends this world.
"Man, that party was krall!"

"That wave was so krall, brah"
by Snick May 6, 2007
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a word Mille hasbo-pihl has made for herself she uses it in a alot of games and thinks its super cool, kralle also means a claw or smt in german and kral is a king and mille is of course a king so be proud of her yall.
kralle-milla krallemilla er sej, er du krallet? det lidt kral det her, translation is krallemilla is cool, are you krallet , it is a little kral?
by swaggyvick May 7, 2021
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Damn good jazz singer! She was born in 1964 BC (not Before Christ but British Columbia, Canada :)
Diana is singer, pianist, songwriter and very attractive women with marvellous voice. She also won many prizes including 2 Grammy Awards for "Jazz Vocal Performance" and "Best Jazz Vocal Album" Her contribution to this world is doubtless immense and it's hard to put it into few words.
Luke: I want to be hip tonight and hear some jazz!
Anthony: We're goin' to see Diana Krall at the Montreal Jazz Festival. You can join us.
by toni vayo April 17, 2009
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A very funny comedian of Vietnamese and American heritage. He became well known after playing "Kip" in the "Joe Schmo Show" He has starred in several T.V shows, as well as movies, and typing him up on youtube will in fact keep you amused for hours.
Rachel: You need to watch the prank calls on youtube by Lance Krall. They are hilarious!

Demi: Ahaha I have! I'd be so embarrassed to say I was a porn star to a stranger on the phone!
by Mazlove August 13, 2008
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A man that plays first team on varsity because of his mom, aunt, and his brother which is a coach. He is thought up to be the best player but he sucks ass and can’t catch to save his life.
Ashton Krall sucks.
by Big daddy69 dicks October 11, 2019
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