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(Kilo Rad) or (cool X 1000)

Derived from Kilo (1000) * rad (see radical - meaning cool or amazing)

In keeping with computer terminology, its use was popular on dialup bulletin board systems (BBSes) in the 80s and early 90s, frequented by first and second generation hackers and computer enthusiasts.
I found this krad demon-dialer on a l33t bbs.
by Jason January 26, 2004
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Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
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K-rad literally means 1000 times rad, just as a kbyte or kilobyte refers to around 1000 bytes.

K-rad was made popular in the 1980s by computer hacker circles. The word 'rad' reffered to a radical act performed by a hacker which deserved congratulations.

The term k-rad originated around the same time people started talking in numbers l1k3 th15. This type of language first started apearing on BBSes and FTP warez sites.
I h4v3 +h3 m05+ 733+, k-r4d 5k1llz 0n th3 n3+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I have the most leet, k-rad skillz on the net!)
by March 03, 2003
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Short for "kilo rad", as in "kilo byte." This is old school 1337 slang, first popularized on BBS's.
by boohiss December 09, 2003
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Psychotic blonde alter-ego of Hiwatari Satoshi (of the manga D.N. Angel). He may be pure evil, but he's pretty damn hot for a psychopath.
Krad is a Satoshi-molester.
by anonymous October 01, 2004
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Someone who has passed the normal level of "Rad"
That was fuckin K rad
by melvin April 28, 2003
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From the skater and phreaker slang "okay rad" (rad was short form of 'radical') commonly shortened to "kay rad". Was shortened to "krad" in text communications, possibly spawned "kthx".
Skater 1: "Gonna meet up here tomorrow?"
Skater 2: "Yeah!"
Skater 3: "kay rad."
by militant August 28, 2003
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