3 definitions by Dawnmeow

The thirstiest mf you’ll ever meet
Creaming over pixels
“Hey isnt that hot.momshmu ?”
“They so thirsty for this kaeya guy..”
by Dawnmeow September 1, 2021
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This person deserves praise and love
so praise and love them
-with love xoxo
Ayo yk moxie??

You mean david.my.beloved ?Ye man. They be so down bad for undetailed pixels its crazy!
really is!
by Dawnmeow August 31, 2021
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Kou minamoto is the best character in tbhk wnd he should get more love and appreciation.
-Man Kou is so sweet
-Ikr such a gentleman, a housekeeper and a loving brother!
by Dawnmeow August 31, 2021
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