Music for today's white trash. Very popular among the stoners who are "tough" and will "hella kick your ass, fool". These shyte bags are usually harmless when alone, they tend to make up for their physical weakness by hanging out in large groups, then they talk shit to passers by. Rap/rock is shit no matter who does it, the two just don't mix...and all KMK is about is smoking large amounts of weed and drinking large amounts of alcohol...yep that's really worth something listening to and attempting to live by. Hell to top it off, I knew they were gay before I ever heard any of their music...with a name like Kottonmouth Kings, what the fuck else are you to expect?
"I listen to Kottonmouth Kings, and I destroy my body with massive amounts of alcohol and weed...that must make me "hard"...especially in these tuff suburbs." -Froader
by Suburban Badass October 01, 2007
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a gay boy band that a bunch of bro's like to circle jerk to.
person 1: hey lets go to the desert and drink monster while listen to kottonmouth kings!!! yeah DGAF!!!!

person2: uhhh no i dont, i dont have a vagina
by shastanugget March 31, 2009
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a rap group consists of a bunch of skinny white guys covered with tattoos. They do a lot of hand motions in their music videos, look like they're going to grab your penis through the screen. It's also the new age white trash redneck music.
I am listening to kottonmouth kings because I'm stupid.
by Vide October 19, 2005
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the white rappers dat only talk bout weed n shit
"have you heard, how the kottonmouth kings talk bout dat dope ass shit?."
by *pimpcess* July 13, 2006
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Shitty as fuck "rap" group made up of a few suburban white bros. Can often be heard playingly loudly from ridiculously lifted bro trucks covered with metal mullisha or skin industries stickers.
Lets go bro out and get faded while listening to kottonmouth kings brooo.
Lets go off road in our bro truck and listen to some KMK.
by niggaaa September 26, 2006
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1. When you get a big ass piece of cotton and share it among a group of friends, urinating and jizzing on it. When you are done, you each take turns jumping into the fluffy cotton ball.

2. A group full of white trash retards, great chance of being gay.
The Kottonmouth Kings gave each other Kottonmouth Kings last night.
by Ronnie8759 April 14, 2007
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