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BEST fucking ..psycedelic, hip hop, punk rock.. group out there. KMK is all about breaking down borders, and everyone coming together and uniting with the plant (marijuana). but they arent only about pot & drugs, they are about freeing your mind, and soul, and teaching people to stand up for their rights and be true to yourself.
DGAF (dont give a fuck) SRH (supporting radical habits)(stoner reeking havoc) ANARCHY!! "we need some positive vibes for these rainy days"

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a VERY hot member of kottonmouth kings, who doesnt give a fuck, amkes no apologies, and skateboards; drinks beers; and smokes pot all day!
D double dash i smash MC's
ill run up in your system like a cancerous disease
ill overtake your body legs limbs and sprouts
i rock the party party
i rock the ol' bicardi
i got your back dog, i got you back D2
judge d, D-LOC touchdown WOO WOO

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