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Koron is a sporty, dominant male. He's gorgeous and funny. He usually gets what he wants, however struggles to get 'her'. Koron is really good-looking.
by diditagainagain November 06, 2011
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This dude is awesome. Brings everyone together like a magnet but his farts are horrid. Bitches all on his dick 24/7- except the girl he wants, she MIA. Koron is never in the mood to fuck but he accept all kinds of head and all he's good at it making inappropriately timed jokes. Koron has a weaknes for Hispanic girls or white girls depending on where he lives. He is also a god rapper and has like 20 best friends bu sno self esteem. Finally, he is always second best at any video game he plays.
"Yo Koron can you stop kicking my ass in Dead or Alive?"

"I will when Jeremy gets here."
by ItMeKoron February 18, 2017
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