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A white mother is a Caucasian woman who is the mother of a child; who will bring those children to a Mexican restaurant, say aloha to the Japanese waitress, then believe herself to be tsar of the black people
They are often times a little over weight and they will wear tight fitting yoga pants despite not knowing what yoga is.
Around 32.41% of white mothers are What is know as a "Karen" and 97% of the Karen class of white mothers will be an anti-vaxxer, and 27.15% of the mothers who are not a Karen will Be and Anti-vaxxer and on that 57.82% of Karen class women are Obese, and they will find it offensive
guy 1: Why is that lady so annoying?
guy 2: She is probably a white mother.
guy 1: ah.
by Duck that makes the americas February 15, 2021
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A very cute doggo on the internet from Japan. She is also one of the most well known and successful Vtubers
She is know for being the lover of Okayu, collecting fingers, and being very cute.
She is also the lover of "Nekomata" okayu, though okayu will claim to only be friend
She has a dark side, this dark side is known for heavily enjoying DOOM, violence, and many other evil things
The cow says: moo
The pig says: oink
The Korone says: Yubi Yubi
by Duck that makes the americas February 15, 2021
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