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in hebrew, an afican american person

see nigga
What the heck is a kooshie doing in a sinagauge?
by jon rom January 18, 2004
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African (not African American) in hebrew. Not a derogatory term, and should not be used as such.
היא קשי (he is an African)

EX: sentence with kooshie
by moardie February 20, 2011
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1.The act of being soft and comfortable, usually pertaining to the bottucks of a female, but is not restricted to females.

2.What a nice bottom should feel like. Usually this term is said when referencing a woman's bottom is in jeans.
1. Damn, Gina got a nice ass. Her shit is kooshie

2. Damn Gina, yo ass is kooshie. Lemme palm that shit a few mo times.
by Aligheri October 15, 2006
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