Nigerian term used to describe craziness. Originally used by the famous Nigerian artist D'banj in his song kolomental. It has been suggested that the word is just another word for LOCO.
That man no de hear word; it be like say he don kolo. (pidjin) - Nigerian slang
Translation - That man doesn't listen; it's like he's gone kolo.
by TWNS September 14, 2008
A male who is awesome at everything especially at making sex also he has a rather large intelligent. Furthermore the penis size of the average kolo is biggest.
Wow! You are so amazing at making sex, you are a total kolo!
by March 23, 2013
Another word for 'shit'. Derived from the word kaolo in Surinam. Used to address that something sucks, or something doesn't goes the way you want it.
*forgetting something important*
KOLO I forgot to mail my manager.
Hey man how did your date go?
It went kolo. She was also kolo.
by Ehoeist April 28, 2019
The best council group for Cox Leadership Workshop 2010!
"omg have you heard Kolo's group cheers?!"
"no, not yet, why?"
"theyre the best! i love the council!"
by ohhyeaaa! March 15, 2010
a person who uses HGH or another form of steroids to put on over 60 lbs of muscle and the constantly denies he did it
you see Doug's picture from last year he definitely pulled a kolo
by anonomus1 June 14, 2008
To attempt at something but fail miserably.
I tried to clear the ball out of the box but Kolo Toured it and scored in my own net.
by JGenzy February 14, 2014
A nightmare featuring a fat potato with his bum hanging out ready to squash you.
Kat: Have you seen alex's kolo lately?
Cat: Yeah, its a nightmare.
by James Hardtits May 2, 2018