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Kuv is a misspelled version of "luv" or "love". Kuv is usually only said by stupid fifth graders who think that they're in love, but it can also be very cute if you're in the eighth grade through the twelfth grade. Kuvs usually lead to multiple breakups with the same person, and when you accidentally break up with them while you are PMSing and your friends think that you should get back with some jerk, and you're hormonal enough to agree. You will usually ask the person you fell in kuv with to go back out with you, and they will incidentally be waiting for some random girl until they are allowed to date, which is incidentally in college. Kuvs usually end up screwing you over because the person you are in kuv with turns out to be a total butt-head.
Scout Cook: lol/i luv u!

Dorr: i kuv u 2!

Scout Cook: kuv???/im SOOO gona hld tht 2 u! 4 EVRRRR!
by TWO/IS\A/LOT! July 19, 2009
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