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The word koh is a word for any waste man like barkari, keiren and the no1 waste man sidi, your any guy, just give it up, your just embrassing yourself, your all just a JOKE!!!!!!STANDARD!!!!!!
koh=any waste man
by Charmaine February 10, 2004
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Also typed *KØH*.
A way to express laughter by screaming the word while exhaling like hell. Often used by J-Mags-
Guy 1: "Hey man! Battery!"
Guy 2: " KØH! haha, that was so unfunny, that it became funny"
by The real Sherbert February 05, 2009
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A smart asian boy who can see what happens and super macho. He is usually handsome and he is charming.
A:Look at him he is so cool.
B:Oh, he is Koh our superstar.
by YIIII September 22, 2018
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