i was driving taxi this passenegr asked me take him to a "knock shop" i curiously asked again and he said brothel whore house
mate my wife is out , i m going to knock shop
by raj February 07, 2005
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Kevin was very shocked to see several police cars pull up outside Alec's house. "I guess he's been seen interfering with his gnomes again" Kevin surmised.
"Nah" replied John, "The pigs were tipped off that he's been running a knocking shop."
by Dunky Oggins December 30, 2003
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Brothel, whore house, the sex equivalent of maccas (dollars for dick dunks)
"oii Ghandi ya mad cunt drop us off at the knock shop & ill give you a 5 star on uber"
by VB2560 June 11, 2019
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Not be be confused with a brothel, a knocking shop is simply a house which has been elected to be the main place of sexual intercourse by those in thier teens. Usually belonging to a couple of rarely there parents.
Billys dads' house is a knocking shop.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 03, 2004
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An effect of male pattern baldness,whereby the unfortunate male decides not to do the decent thing ie get the clippers out and grows the floundering folicles hoping to conceal the onset of nature by creative combing,suceeding only in an elaborate , threadbare shaping with a shiney(often sunburnt)beacon of scalp shining through for all to see.Resembling the aformentioned sex workers overused mattress.See Robin Gibb,Footballer Kenny Cunningham etc
See that Alan Shearer on Match of the Day,he's got a head like a knocking shop mattress,though his muscular pressence up front,will be sorely missed by Newcastle this season.
by chris ord August 31, 2006
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