The ultimate possession everyone has. I have them. You have them. We all have kneecaps
Ya kneecaps, hand em over
by Isawthelight June 5, 2018
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Your kneecaps are mine
by I333cat March 11, 2022
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1. to shoot someone in the kneecap

2. to stifle someone or something
They were arrested after they were caught attempting to kneecap a homeless man and now face a trial for assault.
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The act of permanently destroying someone’s kneecaps. Often done with a firearm (as popularised in film and television), a baseball bat or lead pipe or other blunt instrument, or a power drill (often used in conjunction with a countersunk drill bit and popular with the IRA).
When the police heard the screaming, they knew that Shamus had been on the wrong end of an IRA kneecapping.
by Don January 7, 2004
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When a person is shot in both knees, rendering them unable to walk.

Used to be a favourite move for the IRA, but they gave up when orthopedics became good at putting knees back together.

Oh yeah, and a kneecap is the joint between your femur and shin bones..
"Hey man, I'll kneecap 'em for you!"
by Sploosh December 20, 2005
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nothing to find here cuz they got deleted
"whats wrong?"
"some kid from instagram deleted my kneecaps"
by likeandsubscribe January 25, 2019
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