When irish teenagers are underage and have nothing less to do they go knacker drinking this is where they buy (or some one who is over 18 buys for them) cheap alcohol (usually dutch gold or vokda) and drink it in woods or the side of the street parks are also popular.. its usually pissing rain and you go home feeling like shit and wet... but it was a night out and you dont feel the wet cause you are so drunk.. all is well until some night the gaurds catch you and you are brought home in the back of the cop car or your stomach gets pumped...
Girl 1 says to girl 2 : you goin drinkin tonight?
Girl 2 answers: yeah i will get a few cans and meet ya up the park around six... i will tell my ma im at your house ok?
Girl 1: no problem see ya then
by pennyr200 February 14, 2005
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Her: Do you know a park we can have a few cans in?

Him: Awww baybeh! I'll be over there in 20 minutes!!!

Her: Well, we could do a pub... but knacker drinking is true freedom :)
by Scudzer June 9, 2010
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When someone over 18 or someone that looks over 18 gets loads of cheap drink for underage irish teenagers, which they drink in the middle of no where until they don't remember what they did and go home either absolutely hammered(much to the dismay of their parents?) or in an ambulance(much to the dismay of their liver).
Sean picks up phone.
Ray: "Aaah, boyz, whats going down today, boss?"
Sean: "Aaah, Dannys going into Tescos to get 40 cans and den going into Aldi to get 10 naggins of Smirnoff so we can go knacker drinking up da trax"
Ray: "Sorted boss, meet you dere in 5 min, boss, boss"
Sean: "Yeah, well sorted, Tomas was in a bad state yesterday"
Ray: "Always is, 12 Dutch Gold is his limit, man, boss"
by Yellow Yellow April 3, 2007
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Getting one of your friends brothers that is 18+ to buy you alcoholic beverages , then travelling to a place which is rarely visited by adults to consume these beverages
We might go knacker drinking with Lohan , after work on friday
by R10 December 11, 2006
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The act of consuming alocoholic beverages outdoors, often in a park or field, and preferably near a waterway, often engaged in my youths not old enough or rich enough to drink in bars.
"Me and the lads was knacker drinking down the valley with the girls on Sa'urday. Was fookin lashed, but than the Guards came and we had to leg it and I lost three tins of Bulmers.'
by The Real Mr Fish July 12, 2009
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