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Shortened version of "knackered". When you are so knackered you don't even have the strength to say "knackered" and can only go as far as "knacked".
The wife made me work out this morning. I'm totally knacked.
by guckpup June 10, 2010
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1. To be scolded, told off(see bollocking).

2. To be in pain.
1. I forgot my homework so my teacher knacked me.

2. I hit my hand off the wall and it knacked(If it's hurting at the time you say it is "knacks").
by Clive Warren March 19, 2009
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Sexual slang (U.K, East Midlands, South Yorkshire, Lancashire (localised) :When men brag to their mates about sex with a very attractive women.

"I can't believe I knacked her"?

Anecdotally lying or exaggerating popping a girls cherry.


"I knacked her ya know?"

Or similarly gloating about "breaking in" or "destroying" a supposed virgin (slang for wild, kinky, hard or just passionate sex) a woman known to be classy, and/or hard-to-get (usually to other lads). Or anal sex with a women :

"I PROPER knacked her!"

Conventionally among friends being deliberately as innapropriate, forthcoming or sexist, common as possible by replacing: "Knacked her."

With: "knacked that"
"I knacked her ya know?"

"I PROPER knacked her."

"Can't believe I knacked her/that"
by Rixta1010 June 06, 2018
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