A word stemming from: (a) cuttroat and/or cutthoat - Bay Area slang originating in Vallejo, Ca during 1970's hip hop culture depicting one who 'does' by any and all means necessary; i.e. hustler, pimp. & (b) Kludd - a Chaplain for the right-wing political organization Ku Klux Klan, originating in Tennessee in 1865. -- Analogous to the West Coast's Gateway Chapter of the party , located in Vallejo, California
and it's associated syndicates, businesses and recruiting events.
Jonny - "Yo! Kutty Kludd!"

Michael - "What's good J!"


Jonny - "You should talk to Kutty Kludd. Holla at Ian, Mephisto, Loon or Danny on my+space or face+book."
by ian + bryant June 9, 2010
Another character in the Guardians of Ga'Hoole. Kludd is the older brother of Soren and Eglantine. In the book, he pushed Soren out of their hollow when Soren could barely fly. Kludd had thought that the fall had killed Soren, but he never expected a St. Aggies Patrol Owl would pick him up. Then Kludd had done the same thing to Eglantine. Kludd then killed their parents. Then Kludd got half of his face and beak torn off in a battle. He got a new beak made of Mu Metal (Copper) and a mask made of the same thing. He was dawned the name Metal Beak. Then, he and Nyra become mates. They start the group known as the Pure Ones. He kidnapped Ezylryb and kept him hostage. In the sixth book, Kludd was killed by Twilight. Kludd is the father of Nyroc. In the movie Kludd was never metal beak but did become a member of the pure ones. At the end of the movie, Soren tells that Kludd's body was never found (Kludd fought Soren and ended up falling into a forest fire with a broken wing) but it cuts to Kludd staring at the mask of Metal Beak. If there is a second movie, Kludd will be high Tyto.
Kludd (High Tyto or Metal Beak) to Soren (movie): Soren...My wing is broken...will you please pull me to safety?
Kludd (High Tyto or Metal Beak) To Eglantine (movie): It will be all right. Now...tilt your head, tip your beak to the moon and sleep.....
Kludd (High Tyto or Metal Beak) To Soren before getting captured (movie): We can't be down here!

Kludd (High Tyto or Metal Beak) To Soren after getting mask lit on fire (Book): DEATH TO THE IMPUREST! DEATH TO SOREN!
Kludd (High Tyto or Metal Beak) To Coryn (Book): You might as well go back to the Pure Ones where you belong
by The Guardians of Ga'Hoole October 21, 2010
A wierd little ball of fluff, a bit similar to a Kirby except it's blue or purple instead of pink
Hey, you're totally a Kludde! I mean look at that fluffy hair of yours!
by Kirbylove November 2, 2017