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A word stemming from: (a) cuttroat and/or cutthoat - Bay Area slang originating in Vallejo, Ca during 1970's hip hop culture depicting one who 'does' by any and all means necessary; i.e. hustler, pimp. & (b) Kludd - a Chaplain for the right-wing political organization Ku Klux Klan, originating in Tennessee in 1865. -- Analogous to the West Coast's Gateway Chapter of the party , located in Vallejo, California
and it's associated syndicates, businesses and recruiting events.
Jonny - "Yo! Kutty Kludd!"

Michael - "What's good J!"


Jonny - "You should talk to Kutty Kludd. Holla at Ian, Mephisto, Loon or Danny on my+space or face+book."
by ian + bryant June 9, 2010