Kjellberg is the last name of famous Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie, who has over 25 million subscribers! His real, full name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg.
'You should check out Felix Kjellberg, he's funny!'

'Have you ever heard of PewDiePie, his real name is Felix Kjellberg!'
by horanyX March 17, 2014
He is an imposter of pewdiepie
He looks like pewdiepie
And has friends that look like pewdiepie
Felix Kjellberg IS jealous of pewdiepie
by Monecraftpp June 22, 2020
Otherwise known as Pewdiepie. He is not a racist and is married to Marzia Kjellberg. He has a hit Minecraft series and has over 100 Million Subscribers on Youtube.
"Felix Kjellberg just got married, hit 100 million subs on youtube, and his reddit page hit 2 million followers in the same week!
by Pewdiepieminecraft September 3, 2019
A Swedish YouTuber also known as PewDiePie (pronounced "Pewdeepie"). He was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. He is well known for playing horror games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, however he started to play less horror games and now plays games that interest him as of 2014. He is the YouTuber with the most subscribers. He lives in England with his girlfriend Marzia Bisognin (aka CutiePieMarzia) and his two pugs Edgar and Maya. In 2014, he announced that he would turn off the comments on his YouTube videos because they were spam or hate.
Scott: Hey dude, have you heard of this guy named PewDiePie? His real name is Felix Kjellberg.
Joey: I've heard of him, but I didn't know his real name.
by hpisnotaprinter0216 May 25, 2015
Sven Kjellberg is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg's pet wolf in minecraft, Sven was found in episode 7 of Felix's minecraft survival series. For now Sven is staying in a boat with boat cow, Sven is an important animal for Felix and the gamer community because if Sven dies the minecraft survival series will end. Sven is one of Felix's pets, that includes Joergen, Water Sheep, and Boat Cow

Sven is a happy little doggo, with a happy owner in a happy place
"Sven Kjellberg tell Felix he should join smp live with callmecarson or else he will not win minecraft monday"
by Zakku-Chan July 7, 2019
A famous philosopher, he raised over 100 k and donated it to blm. He also have some famous lookalikes: pewdiepie, Poppy Harlow, Poppy Smoria etc.
"Do you know who Felix Kjellberg is?"
"Yeah the philosopher"
by floorgangAOOH June 12, 2020
When a small event, object, individual or term in a #PewDiePie video evolves into an internal phenomenon within the PewDiePie fan base, being the result of either highlighting by Felix Kjellberg himself or by being continuously posted about on his personal #subreddit r/pewdiepiesubmissions.
Bro 1: The tower of tambourine is so tall!
Bro 2: Yeah, but its just an outcome of the Kjellberg Effect.
by Soppsankeren September 13, 2020