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kizirt is involved in a definition of fuckshit yea, this is just bendazzle, and kizirt sucks ryan h's nuts which are on his face
by bendazzle August 05, 2004
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A nigger who is massivly obeast, masturbates constantly (sometimes with random domestic animals), and steals from the poor and less fortunate.

for a similar type of person, see ryan h
You kizirt, why are you humping that stray dog?
Hey look at the kizirt stealing from that homo.
by bendazzle August 04, 2004
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a person with a rather bizarre appearance; one that is wider than he/she is in height

For other references see the word choad
if i were ever walking behind a kizirt and he made a sudden stop, i would probably walk straight up his rectum

dude 1: your a kizirt
dude 2: your a tool, with no IQ, a small penis, and are totally not cool... + your la,e
dude 1: oh well, a kizirt is worse
by thanksgiving turkey August 05, 2004
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