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n. all the people you both know and like who are not your relatives or family. Somewhat synonymous with "friends", but used more generally. There are probably people in your work place or school or neighborhood who are not exactly friends, but they are kith.
I aspire to have a lot of kith but only a few close friends.
by tangles10 June 06, 2010
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Mike Tyson's way of saying the word Kiss.
I shouldn't bitten that ear, now I gotta kith and make up.
by joshwua915 September 10, 2014
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Kids in the Hall
After the Leafs/Canadiens game, I turned on Kids in the Hall and laughed my ass off.
by Jeff September 23, 2003
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a classic canadian child who cannot spell his name correctly
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enjoys classical steriotypical canadian life, needs to tame his eyebrows, although deep down he is well natured and often relieves himself of negative emotions through lenny
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"kith grabbed lenny's penis"
"lenny killed kith"
by James F. February 08, 2005
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peers, friends or neighbors, even family, often used with kin
He was no kith nor kin to me.
by paljoey October 02, 2003
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/kith'/ or /kay'-iee-tee-aitch'/ (proper noun) Abbreviation for Kids In The Hall, a sketch-comedy troupe from Canada who hosted a television show of the same name in the 1980's and 1990's.
Comedy Central is running a KITH marathon!
by Marcus Wright November 08, 2008
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