to relate to a character on either a basis of personality, physical appearance, or trauma
lotta people use kinning as a coping mechanism but not all of them
by soul overrun November 8, 2020
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Kissing while grinning because you are so happy!

Also, could be grissing.
Sally and Bob were kinning after Bob had said "I love you" to Sally for the first time.
by rachaelrobot April 22, 2006
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a kin is a character (or characters, you can have more than one kin) you associate/identify with. kins are to help you express yourself, comfort you etc.
I kin shuichi saihara from drv3.
by achilleskinnieig June 11, 2020
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A large community generally centered around "relating" to a character one way or another, also the act of doing so. Essentially, after looking at a character and identifying with or as them, the definitions split.
1. Coping; many people kin characters to cope with their situation or illness.
2. Reincarnation; others believe in the Multiverse Theory and when someone dies, their soul may hop between universes.
3. Just for fun; kinning isn't that serious, so some may identify with characters for the fun of it.
Isn't kin just advanced roleplay?
No! They're completely different things.
by heelyhell May 14, 2020
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usually used to refer to a character that you heavily relate to. most commonly used in anime fandoms.
"Hey, what are your highest kins?"
"Probably (character name) and (character name)"
by elfbabs May 13, 2021
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1.) Shortened way of saying otherkin

2.) Liking or relating to a (usually fictional) character so much that one integrates thr character's behavior, style, and (in some cases) physical features. Often seen in role-playing communities and on tumblr
1.) "Why's that guy dressed like that?" "Oh, he's kin."

2.) "You know, you act so much like *insert character*." "Yeah, 'cause I kin them!"
by daxxxx December 8, 2019
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A kin is where you (heavily) connect or relate with a character, for example you have the same problems in life, trauma, or same ideals in life.
by ventibuns January 22, 2022
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