Track number 16 on Green Day's Nimrod album. The song is about how a young boy begins cross-dressing at the tender age of 4. The lyrics basically speak for themselves. It is also about the frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong's bisexuality.
Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
Wasn't Made For Only Girls
G.I. Joe In Pantyhose
Is Making Room for the One and Only

King For A Day!
Princess By Dawn
King For A Day
In a Leather Thong...
by non-conformity March 23, 2006
1. A man who dresses up in woman's clothes.
2. Used to refer to something that is stupid.
1. Tre Cool likes to be a king for day.
2. My computer is being a king for a day.
by Dirnt September 21, 2005
To have a severe case of diarhoea and thus spend a long time on the porcelain throne.
Pete: Dave, why weren't you in work yesterday?
Dave: Sorry mate, had a proper strong vindaloo on Sunday. So I had to be king for a day.
by Zapp83 April 13, 2009
Eating a King Snickers Bar and drinking a King Cobra
Hey Joe wanna' be a King for a Day?
by hyproman333 December 21, 2009
This is a new official holiday on the 21st January every year.
Anyone is allowed to fuck the king on this day.
Hey,did you know Fuck the King Day is today?

Yeah, I'm ready!
by Trollerio December 20, 2022
A Monday holiday where men and women of all color, race and creed can celebrate a great man's life and struggle for equality, civil rights for minorities and the destruction of segregation, together.
Black guy - Yeah three day weekend! What are you doing on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

White guy - Snowboarding, see ya Tuesday.
by Flipyoutoo March 4, 2009
Oppi king day is at jan 20 where you respect oppiside for a whole day no negativity
Omg its oppi king day i love him so muc he inspire to be a youtuber
by _popsicllletwinkk34_ January 15, 2021