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1. A girl who uses another person's fame to get fame for themself.
2. A girl who will use sexual encounters, legal or not, to get said fame.
It's a shame that dang bang's claim to fame, rests on someone else's name.
by Dirnt June 29, 2006
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1. A man who dresses up in woman's clothes.
2. Used to refer to something that is stupid.
1. Tre Cool likes to be a king for day.
2. My computer is being a king for a day.
by Dirnt September 21, 2005
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1. A person who is very clumsy. They drop and trip over anything. They also are very jumpy and sometimes you fear that they have an undignosed mental illness.
1. Megann dropped something again, she is the biggest Klutz/Spaz I have ever known.
by Dirnt September 30, 2005
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Abbreviation for die in a mosh.
Boys who hurt me should diam.
by Dirnt January 21, 2007
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