A sick hip-hop duo composed of MC Sonny Shotz and producer DJ Mendoza hailing from Boston. Great beats and great lyrics and a really unique sound. Relatively unknown but that should change soon. They used to known as the Deans List but had a makeover in 2012 and changed the group name to The Kings Dead in addition to parting with friend and producer Mik Beats.
Obama: yo my nigguh chief of staff where my dope music at
Chief:my nigga brova president sir i discovered this 100% sexy beauty group called the Kings Dead

*After listening to The Drive In*
Obama: fuk it im yung! shiet my nigga this is dope let me hit up all my bitches overseas with this dopeness
by Bob Lamas July 12, 2013
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Ted Ted King of the Dead is a world known tattoo artist and has been in many of the tattoo pulications, as well as winning numerous tattoo awards for his tattoo work.

Among Ted Ted King of the Deads many achiements he is well known for making tattoo machines that many top tattoo artist around the world use. Through his tattooing career he has been tattooing for well over 17 years with a very unique style of tattooing providing bright and bold artwork. Ted Ted King of the Dead has art work, featured in many tattoo museums from around the world. Ted Ted King of the Dead tattoo machines have been put into many tattoo archives around the globe. Before Ted started his career in the tattoo industry he was a assistant instructor in Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu Karate do founded by Shoshin Nagamine. Ted started his traing in 1977 at the age of 6. Ted received his black belt(1st dan)
under the instruction of Shehan Dan Levy in Wisconsin.
Ted has been a hero in his life saving an elder man from a fire in 1994.
Teds surename is Ted Bertling.
Ted is now married and continues to inspire people from working with projects for disadvantaged youth to helping homeless families.
Ted continues to tattoo and pratice the martil arts. Ted is consulatant for Tattoo Guru.
He continues to show support to the troops that are overseas and away from their families through sevral church programs as well as writing emails to help boost
moral of the soilders that are away from home.
ted ted king of the dead, tattoo machine, ted bertling,
zen instructor,tattoo guru,matsubayashi shorin ryu,
martial arts,law enforcment,Shoshin Nagamine
by Mjack1969 February 06, 2010
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An expression that is best said quickly and repetitively out in public, preferably in a crowded area. Try it one day and observe the reactions of people around you.
"I'm-sofa-king-we-tod-dead, im-sofa-king-we-tod-dead, im-sofa-king-we-tod-dead, im-sofa-king-we-tod-dead!!!"
by JeezusKreistSooperstarr July 21, 2013
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Jake: "hey mike did u know you are sofa king wii tawd dead?"
Mike: "no dude, but i did know you were"
by saynab February 03, 2009
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