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A term for a male honeypotting another man. Honeydicking is when the CIA uses an attractive man to get unwitting people to do things they normally wouldn't do.
"You're honeypotting us and he's in here to honeydicking us in case one of us is gay!"
by Kgor93 December 25, 2014

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A synonym for "please", used almost exclusively by Craigslist scammers.
Kindly get back to me about the shipment of the item and then I will pay you.
by Kgor93 January 15, 2016

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A sure thing. Made famous by Chris Cooley who says kicker Dustin Hopkins is reliable and a sure thing.
"There are three things in life that are sure things: death, taxes, and Hopkins."
"This 50 yarder is a hopkins."
by Kgor93 October 30, 2016

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