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A very beautiful girl who gets what she wants. she is very independent. She can be bad and sassy to!!
kimari is so independent

I love kimari!!
by sweetgiberish December 24, 2016
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Kimari is the finest guy you will meet. He’s not afraid to tell you the truth and is loyal. He will do anything for his girl and is very protective. He’s funny and can sometimes be immature.
Bestfriend-He’s cute and funny
Me-I know
Bestfriend-What’s his name?
by Blasianxbabi February 24, 2019
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Kim'ari is a very handsome boy. Sometimes he never likes school or any form of work. He always treats his girl the right way. He does what ever he can to make his girl happy. He can also be funny sometimes. You have to meet him.
Kim'ari-A person that you will like alot
by JonnyFist8p May 30, 2018
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