a fking talented bean that is in the debut lineup for enhypen, a group formed after iland. hes sucha cutiepie and his vocals are !!!! hes the king of facial expressions >< stan enhypen, stan kim sunoo!!!
person 1: oh! one enhypen member posted a selca!
person 2: ah, thats probably kim sunoo
by harukyu<3 September 30, 2020
kim sunoo is a member of the group ENHYPEN. he is the source of happiness to everyone. he has his smile, his cheeks, his aegyo, his cuteness. BUT LEMME TELL YOU... this man can do all concepts. one second he’s this cute little person and then when u look away he became a cold looking deep voices man?? yes.
“Is that the duality king who deserves lots of love?”
“Yes, that is Kim Sunoo.”
by sunwonsun February 18, 2021
enhypen's ball of sunshine who has top tier vocals and an amazing stage presence!
my bias is aegyo king Kim Sunoo!
by owaowadog February 19, 2021
A ball of sunshine, a therapy, healing, solace, and a comfort person. Kim Sunoo is a daily reminder that loving and choosing yourself isn't selfish. Kim Sunoo means, “you're doing great, why are you crying? you're doing great.”
Person 1: Don't cry, you're Kim Sunoo.
by saeynoo June 23, 2022