a complete and utter peice of crap. I only watched the first five minutes......my I.Q. dropped by like 50 points. Bad movie, band director, and Uma Thurman is ass ugly.
Wow Kill Bill might just be the worst movie ever made.....how very very sad.
by Keithie September 4, 2005
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that shits some kill bill
by pvtspeir March 12, 2009
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Wack ass movie with mad violence and uma thurman (the white chick) cops all these yakuzas down.
Yo, I swear if we get jumped by 20 ima kill bill.
by Haze October 29, 2003
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some good ass head you get from a female
Man....that chick gave me some kill bill last night.
by King3Sixty April 18, 2007
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when you think something is funny but you say it in a sarcastic tone
by masterchiefbrady October 10, 2009
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when they ruin already over played hit songs or albums by turning them and or featuring them in bad Broadway musicals as in Rock of Age or American Idiot.
awww dude why did they have to kill bill American idiot like that, that songs ruined now, like for good!
by NGCsperm March 9, 2010
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