kiersten is a girl who will constantly put others before her without hesitation. she puts up a brave front so others will need her in their life and others will want her. kiersten is a girl who’s been through a lot in her life and she can still smile. even though it hurts. kiersten is a survivor. she’s a warrior. she’s someone that you need in your life because she has your back if you ever need someone to vent to. kiersten has a motherly love, a motherly touch. she gives amazing hugs and gentle kisses. kiersten is a drop dead goregous girl with an amazing smile. her actions are confusing but kiersten has a reason for everything she does.
person a: look at that girls smile
person b: on god, she must be a kiersten
by //-BBY-\\ November 7, 2018
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an actual roblox GOD. literally runs every roblox server out there. hella rich in robux and has the best roblox style. get a girl like kiersten to play roblox with you. she also bout to take yo man
person playing roblox: omg she’s so good look at her go
kiersten: yeah that’s me
by diussisisjdjiisjdjdjd May 7, 2019
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kiersten is a swag money type of human being. she tends to find interest in vanilla and or ✨toxic✨ boys. she is the kind of girl that you need in your life. she is a life long best friend and she is loyal beyond compare. she can never take a compliment because she doesn’t see how beautiful she is. if you have a kiersten in your life, love her beyond compare because she is one of the best people you will ever meet.
yooo lets have kiersten drive us, her music is the best!
by beast mode baby November 11, 2020
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kiersten is the most amazing girl she is very beautiful and super super cute. any time your around her you'll all ways have the biggest smile on your face. she is a really good kisser and her lips are super soft, shes also really good at cuddling. if you meet a girl named kiersten you'll never wanna let her out of your arms. shes the sweetest person and she also speaks spanish to mess with you and its really cute when she does. she really likes k-pop and will get you obsessed with it too. she has the softest voice and its really calming
kiersten is beautiful 24/7
guy 1: who's that walking

guy 2: thats kiersten im surprised you haven't heard of her yet

guy 1: shes beautiful

guy 2: are you kidding shes always beautiful
by snickers06 January 27, 2022
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one of the funniest and best people around. she will put a smile on your face but is very good at playing the victim. kiersten’s are usually sensitive but sweet and want the best for everyone.
i love kiersten she’s the best
by kierstonian69 March 6, 2020
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kiersten is a ugly lying lizard face bop. she will try to take your man and normally has ugly long pink eye lashes. she has small dwarf feet and can’t withstand ava! don’t talk to her she will ruin ur life and pee in ur coffee. with her crooked faced ass and spaced out teeth (iisimpp4cartiii)
eww look at kiersten wtf her stank ass
by ohkurrrrrrrrrrr69420 August 30, 2023
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A sexy, pretty, drop dead gorgeous girl that is a amazing kisser and loves to be around friends. Every guy wants to date her and every girl wants to be her, she is the girl that could make you the luckyest guy ever. She is funny, smart, and has a great personality, she is like an angel.
Did you see how pretty she was? She must be a kiersten.
by MJCAGCIOLBTON March 17, 2013
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