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kier, also known as kiera, is one of the best people you’ll ever meet. they’re very funny and like to make people happy, everyone knows that kier is one in a million. it’s rare to find someone as amazing as kier. they’re caring, sweet and can always find a way to make you feel special. overall kier is a big cutie and you would be lucky to find someone as amazing as them.
person one: i heard that girl is dating kier
person two: yeah, they’re really lucky
by IookaIike March 17, 2019
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One that makes really great electronic music using Fl Studio.
"you pulled off a kier"
by Pheeleep January 09, 2005
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Kier is the name given to an sinister and powerful female.Other names for 'Kier' are; Vincent, Vinny, or Kiki.The word Kier can also be used in a replacement for anti-social and god-like.
"Wow...She's kind of...Scary...She acts like a total kier!"
by Vinny is a girl May 24, 2015
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