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An honest, but very rude insult that kids may make to adults.
kiddinsult examples:

At the mall the other day I saw a little kid ask his mom, "Why is that lady so fat? Does she eat Burger King a lot?"

When 9 year old Tim had to get a physical for his sports, the doctor had to see his penis. Tim yelled out, "Are you a fag? Why are you looking there?"

While walking with her daughter Allison and pet dog in the morning, Sara met Jane on her route. Jane said, "lately I've been trying to lose weight, because I look so .. I mean this flabby, I mean. it's just so .. ya know.. I mean I look like a , like a a...."
Allison exclaims loudly: "Like a fat hippo, and you'll never lose all that weight."
by Adel7 January 13, 2008
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