1. A term in reference to a song that sounds absolutely amazing.

2. Another word for amazing, cool, sweet, etc.
His songs were kicken!!!

I'm not sure what your professor will think, but your paper was totally kicken bro.
by ThatKickenKid October 26, 2011
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5.Church of Later Day Saints
Thats kicken!!! U suck kenny!!!!!!!!!!
by Doc Is super freaky January 24, 2005
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dude you are so kicken wing! i want to buy some whistleing kitty chasers from you!
by zebbes June 18, 2006
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Someone who is a badass firework selling indian.
That man is so kicken wing! hey id like to buy some whistleing kitty chasers!
by Zeebes June 18, 2006
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#1 Meaning great or awsome, good times, anyting good

#2 It can also be used in place of right on, party on, rock on, sweet or as simple as a unique way of saying ok
#1 You shoulda came that party was kicken chicken.

#2 Billy "I'm gonna get some beer!"
Micky "kicken chicken!"
by Micky Wunderlich April 15, 2008
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Friend - Wyd bro
you - Im just kicken flavor
by 1XXX1 November 30, 2017
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just relaxin` with some cheesy b's, think bout teachers with amsdogg, cassdog, laudog, lozdog, shazdog, ambdog, samdog n eldog...dodge the nuggets...n shit...
oh just at mackackers kicken the chicken...
by your momma's so skinny April 21, 2006
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