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The object of mental, physical or verbal abuse. The person who bullies always single out. The smallest guy in the class. The person most vulnerable in any given group.
I am tired of your screaming diatribes. I will not be your kick-puppy anymore.
by Hello-o-o-o-o December 03, 2011
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A retort commonly followed after accuse someone of something extremely horrid and cruel that has no bearing to the conversation at hand.

A tactic generally used against Liberals and Progressives unable to come up with a valid counterpoint in a political or social argument.

(see racist, homophobe, hate monger, Nazi, Fascist)
Person 1: "Wisconsin cannot afford to pay teachers right now with the current setup. Either teachers budge and actually start contributing a mere 3.6 percent into their retirement and pay a slight increase of their co-pay for medical bills or they're going to have to cut tens of thousands of jobs!"


Person 1: " And I kick puppies too."
by Flession February 22, 2011
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Licking pussy; Said in a way that no one will react to.
Guy 1: Hey man, hot date last night?
Guy 2: Yeah! I love to kick puppy! I kicked her puppy so hard last night she was screaming
by DCove September 12, 2012
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