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Just layin back and chillin.
Heather: Hey babe, You wanna come over and kick-it?

Kaela: Hell yeah. Sounds Fun.
by Bonezzz March 07, 2007
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a term people use in place of the word β€œhang out”
β€œhey bro let’s kick it!”
β€œyea fo sho”
by badass bitch what u lookin @ January 15, 2020
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east coast - getting your game on, trying to get with a person

west coast - to chill, hang out
east coast - "I was trying to kick it to that girl"

west coast - "Let's kick it sometime"
by me March 16, 2004
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relaxin, chillaxin

kickin' it implies shoes. kick off your shoes
next quarter's schedule allows me an hour to just kick it in the mornings
by Anonymous February 15, 2002
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To kick it is not simply to hang out but to get a little fucked up as well. You can hang out with anyone, but you only kick it with those who like to kick it.
Person tryna kick it: ey whats good still have that dub?
Other person: yee let's kick it!
by Jimmy Bob McGee March 05, 2011
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