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term usd to descibe a very rare breed of person. claiming to be a peaceful, hippy-like hermit, they posses a secret crazy kink within that sends them on tangents talking in many different accents, running around the room like a chicken, and so-on.
"Dude is she high or something?"

"Nah, she is just being very kiaya."
by lolitanoltie March 03, 2008
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A Kiaya is a very intelligent and beautiful women. She is normally crazy when you get to know her but when you first meet her she is referred to as a name called, "Satan", but she has a truly warm heart. She is usually short and has blonde hair and is adorable and hyper. She can also be sassy and she has a big ass. She also cares about how she looks...
"I wish Kiaya was mine"
by Miley.cortez March 07, 2017
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