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A Khevin is boy who is kind of creepy. He likes girls who are way out of his league and stalks them for his own pleasure.
Hey check out that Khevin, he's following her again.
by bootylover101;) May 23, 2016
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Khevin is a man who is just your average person and who loves to crack jokes and make people laugh, he is pretty chill if you get to know him, and i have to admit he can get pretty lit
Khevin is a pretty chill , and funny person, we should hang out more often.

Khevin ,lets go trap out!!!
by therealistOGoutthere May 08, 2018
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A Khevin is an amazing character, if you're ever lucky enough to meet one. But he's a genuinely amazing person, and a great one to have as a boyfriend. If you love a Khevin, you're a lucky person. If a Khevin loves you back, you're even luckier. He's boyfriend material mate.
Damn Khevin is so much better than Lema lmao
by Khevin>Lema December 05, 2018
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