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KHARY:A hot darkie found in the tropics. it's the type of guy who when determined gets what he wants, makes the best out of the present even if things are not going the way it was planned, intelligent but lazy at times to use it, sweet soft lips and a big heart, could be funny but his strenght is his ability to interact with people and form good relations.
The name of someone or could be used to describe someone such as; I want a guy like khary, or you are soo khary right now
by Trinigirl#7 March 09, 2009
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Khary is a cute girl she is funny,kind sassy but cool. She has 2 sides to her when she is talking to a adult she acts so Sweet and quiet hit around her BFFS she is crazy and loud. Khary can never stop talking she will talk to u 24/7. But she is kind hearted and cares about people in her life. She will ship you around with someone. Khary will eat everything or anything when she is hungry so feed her or else Godzilla comes out of her. Khary is a cute, hot, fashion nova she comes in wearing the new trends. Khary is a keeper so keep a loving beautiful girl named Khary around.
Khary is soooooo crazy and loves food
by Koyla19463 December 27, 2018
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