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Kilogram, usually refering to narcotics.
I almost got busted with 2 keys in my trunk.
by Hell4aHuslta January 24, 2003
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Keys - is way of expressing a positive or negative passionate feeling. It is a word that won't get you suspended from school but will proclaim your edginess.
For instance, your friend says, "Want to hit the club?" You reply, "I am down to clown!" Your friends smiles, nods, and says, "Keys!" or "Sweet keys!" It is also used to express dismay or disbelief as in "A tree fell on my house last night." Response: "What the keys!" or "Shut the keys up!!!"
by BOLOgal October 15, 2014
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The campest man in K-POP (after Jokwon) but also one the sexiest and most amazing.
Best guy at dancing girl group dances.
Key - "You look b-ee-zar"
Amber - "What?"
Key - "Leez-ard"
by Mrs Mcdonald. October 24, 2009
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Key, real name Kim Kibum, is the main rapper of South Korean boy band, SHINee. He is well known for being an excellent rapper and a fabulous fashionable diva. He is the master of girl group dances and usually dances better than the actual group.
Non-shawol: Why is that dude wearing a pink boa on stage?
Shawol: Because that's Key, and Key is fabulous
by SpazzingKpopper January 04, 2014
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the correct way to spell it is ki's, bue everyone that submited a definition is a fuckin idiot so i had to put them in thier place. But a "Ki'" is short for Kilogram of yayo,Cocaine,Cociana, dust or whitegirls or whatever you would like to call this particilar drug.
Tony- forget about fuckin 13.5 a Ki Sosa, what are jou, fucking nuts?
Omar Sosa- well what would you propose that is reasonable?
Tony- 10.5 a ki' and jou gotta take dat chit to Panama
by KevinNutz December 22, 2003
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To touch someone inappropriately for your own amusement, then brush it off as a joke.

References the recent shenanigans of New Zealand's Prime Minister, John Key, in his repeated unwelcome touching of a waitresses.
"That a-hole just yanked my ponytail, then totally keyed me".
by Yoiks! April 23, 2015
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