A spelling of "cool" that makes fun of the word "kool."
It is much more interesting than the word "cool," since "cool" and "kool" have become cliche and pretty much lost their meaning. Many people seem to have a problem with "kewl" because they have sticks up their asses and actually complain about how people say "cool." All I can say is... "Take it Bitch."
"Hey I've got a surprise for you..."
by SpazKat March 18, 2006
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The stupidest possible mispelling of a word in existance. Not only is it wrong, but it is also harder to type than "cool".
AOLMonkey786: OMG, DIS Sh1t iz kewl!!!!111
Yggdrasil21x: Go die, you waste of freaking air.
by Samier Saeed June 5, 2005
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A very kewl way to write "cool." Pronounced the same way as "cool." Often used in texting.
Mom: what do you think of my necklace?
Son: it's kewl ig
Mom: what do you mean?
by sirswagger21 December 3, 2020
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adj. 1.A mockery of cool; expressing sarcasm while saying a person/thing is cool. 2. Cool but a little strange. v. kewling: 1. being sarcasting while complimenting someone 2. acting cool, but a little off.forms: kewl, kewling, kewlness.
"Oh, how kewl,"she said."What do you think you mean by that?"
by Dujaton March 16, 2004
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Kewl is another way of saying cool.
It is just spelt differently.
cool is the same as nice,interresting.
That is a really kewl pen you have there.
by Amy kirby August 1, 2006
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the word 'kewl' came out of KDE.. the Linux desktop GUI desktop environment. Later it became a synonym for cool, it became popular among internet users and Linux enthusiasts coz KDE is so cool..
Dude what a kewl cellphone, it has all the features one can imagine..
by abackle February 27, 2007
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that sound is kewl!
by Merissa July 27, 2003
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