Also known as the kkk, it is a secret society which besties the power of kewl kats on those that are worthy. Not to be confused with the KKK. To be worthy one must be in power(so white), practice satan worshipping and be homophobic. An example of someone who fits this is Eminem. But sadly he's to shady and hates control to much to join.
Herp: dude , your so kewl are you part of the kewl kids klub?
Derp: nah fam. I ain't white.
by Dontalkaboutit February 24, 2016
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Malright means alright but better
M'kay is the amazing god teir version of okay
Kewl means cool but with some sass
My day was Malright, to bad my day wasnt M'kay that would have been Kewl .

malright m'kay and kewl
by Casual Grandpa August 31, 2019
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The paradox of being referred to as cool and hot both implying favourability
Yah, yakewl n u smokn ot.
by Hercolena Oliver April 17, 2010
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inability to spell a single word right.
Me: hey whats up dude?
Friend: wuzzup d@wg
Me: what do u think of me
Friend: liek omg joo r teh kewl d00d0rz
Me: ...thx
by hymtj March 15, 2010
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A word you say to subtly throw some shade when your friend is telling you non-stop about something you have absolutely no interest in.

2. A word peppy people say when they run out of words to describe how "Awesome!" something is

3. A word children use to make themselves sound cool in front of their peers
Friend: oh wow look at how many 'Yu-gi-oh Cards' I have, I have 2/5 of the forbidden one.

Me thinking 'You're 17 and still playing Yu-gi-oh?': Kewl




Child: Yeah I played fortnight for the first time last night, it was soooo Kewl
by I need Vervain in my blood November 18, 2018
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